Must See Attractions On The Las Vegas Strip

    By / 11th February, 2019

    Las Vegas Boulevard is known around the world as the Las Vegas Strip. It is the main route through Sin City and a key road to the city’s popular tourist attractions, clubs, and food outlets.

    This eight-mile strip, characterized with colorful billboards and beautiful fountains, stimulates your senses like nowhere else on earth. New sights opened on this strip include video game centre at Luxor and virtual reality point in the Neon Museum.

    These developments are just the most recent along this, the most famous street in Las Vegas. On your arrival to this city, it can be very difficult to decide whether you want to experience a world-class performance, gamble, eat in celebrity restaurants, or simply roam the dazzling streets.

    Your best choice is to start from the South end of the street and make your way North. Below are the top 15 tourists’ sights on the Las Vegas strip.

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    Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada sign

    The emblematic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada” sign officially welcomes thousands of visitors to Las Vegas every year. Betty Willis, a commercial artist and creative sign designer designed and gifted it to the city of Las Vegas in 1959. Willis’ artistic work was never trademarked, which is why different companies duplicated his designs on t-shirts, mugs and other items.

    The National Register of Historic Places honored it with an inclusion in 2009. Additionally, it is a beloved and famous selfie destination. Furthermore, after a mass shooting incident at a country music concert in October 2017, this spot was used as the location of a makeshift memorial.

    Image result for Luxor Hotel And Casino

    Luxor Hotel And Casino

    This grand and extravagant hotel, designed in a pyramid shape, was built in the 1990s. Unluckily, it is not included in the 7 Wonders of the World. However, it is one of the most impressive hotels in a city where mimicking New York, Paris, Venice and other high-end destinations is praised. The hotel offers inclination rides en route to your room. These rise and fall at 39 degree angles, for a unique experience like a boat traveling.

    The Park

    This is one of the more recent sights in Las Vegas. Its worth is $100 million, and it is located between Park MGM and New York-New York hotels. It extends from Las Vegas Boulevard back to the T-Mobile Arena.


    Image result for Public Art at the City Center

    Public Art at the City Center

    Las Vegas is not famous for its art galleries but MGM Resorts have endowed $40 million to the 7-acre City Centre Complex in the last ten years to glorify public art.

    Some of the more significant examples of this include the “Silver River” portrayal of the course of the Colorado River. This is displayed behind the registration desk at Aria Las Vegas. Another is “Glacia”, consisting of 15-foot ice columns. The special thing about these columns is that they rise each morning, before melting in various patterns as the day passes on. This wonder is displayed on the ground floor of The Shops at Crystals.

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    The Fountains at Bellagio

    The Bellagio Fountains stand out as a favorite destination among tourists coming to Las Vegas. They are magnified by water that dances like ballerinas and Cannons that throw water hundreds of feet in the air. These fountains were also shown in the climax of the movie “Oceans 11“. This marvel was designed by the Wet Company, and these fountains are more common on weekends, completely charming spectators.


    Related image

    Fall of Atlantis Show

    This visually striking performance is displayed inside the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. It is an 11-minute show, highlighting the story of the Lost City of Atlantics.  Spectators are greeted with screen add-ons, fireballs, and props designed by set designers who worked on Thor and the Pirates of the Caribbean projects. You can watch this drama between 11 AM and 10 PM, with shows every hour.

    LINQ Promenade

    There are hunders of malls in Las Vegas, but the LINQ Promenade is more than just a shopping attraction. It was opened for visitors in 2013, and is taller than the London Eye, extending from the Vegas Strip to the High Roller. Some important tourist sights are located between the Promenade, like the In-N-Out Burger franchise, Beverly Hills-based Sprinkles bakery, and Brooklyn Bowl.

    Image result for Wildlife Habitat at Flamingo Las Vegas 
    Wildlife Habitat at Flamingo Las Vegas 

    This haven for wildlife is located in the courtyard of the Flamingo, Las Vegas. More than 60 exotic birds, 20 turtles and 300 fish live in this habitat at present, and it opened for guests in 1995.

    Image result for The Mirage Volcano
    The Mirage Volcano

    This artificial volcano is present in front of the mirage. It is distinguished by fireballs, water cannons and striking eruptions.  This volcano has been present since the opening of the Mirage hotel.  You can watch this breathtaking display on Sundays and Thursday at 7 PM and 8 PM. A bonus show can be viewed on Fridays and Saturdays at 9 PM.

    The Venetian’s Canals                 

    This attraction duplicates the famous canals of Venice. You can enjoy Gondola rides accessible from two locations; outdoors in the canal and indoors alongside the 285,000-gallon Grand Canal.

    Image result for Adventuredome

    The Adventuredome is a highlight attraction for many families. It is located in Circus Circus Hotel and Casino. It is a five acre, glass-enclosed structure.  There are numerous rides to enjoy, from roller coasters to spinning rides and carousels. Additionally, the carnival midway is accompanied by 40 games, mini-golf, bowling and clown shows.

    Image result for Gold & Silver Pawn Shop

    Gold & Silver Pawn Shop

    This pawnshop is popular among reality TV fans. It has been serving as a background to everything from TV series to the History Channel’s “Pawn Stars” since 2009.

    Fremont Street Experience

    Downtown Vegas and Fremont Street: what a lovely combination! This pedestrian zone amusement region has everything from the SlotZilla to a zip line. Furthermore, you can also enjoy a zombie-themed maze and live music every night.

    Image result for Downtown Container Park
    Downtown Container Park

    East of the Las Vegas strip, you’ll find more than 40 containers, adapted for use as centers for shopping, dining and nightlife. These spots have also managed to nestle a place in the hearts of visitors.

    Image result for The Neon Museum
    The Neon Museum

    The Boneyard contains more than 200 neon signs, signifying the history of Las Vegas. Visitors can discover this compilation during the hour-long guided tour.

    Image result for The Vegas Strip:

    The Vegas Strip: Do It In Style

    With some planning and the right travel tips on your side, you too can be completely ready for your next trip to the Vegas Strip. Visit Rooms101 today, and get the very best in Las Vegas vacation packages to make your next trip the trip of a lifetime.

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