10 Fantastic Self-Drive Day Trips Around Las Vegas
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Fantastic Self-Drive Day Trips Around Las Vegas

Everyone loves Las Vegas. Almost everyone, at least. We love the lights, the life, variety and a lot of other things. Tell a person that you are taking them to Vegas, and watch them jump for joy.

What if you want variety or spice to your Vegas trip? You can decide to spend a day exploring intriguing places around and close to Vegas.

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Hoover Dam - 13 Fantastic Self-Drive Day Trips Around Las Vegas

Tour Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam is forty minutes from Vegas, and there is a great chance that you passed it while entering Vegas. The Dam tour allows you to have access to the power plant, as well as other aspects of this mighty structure.

Lake Mead: 13 Fantastic Self-Drive Day Trips Around Las Vegas

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Go Boating On Lake Mead

Lake Mead is also forty minutes from Vegas and is found at the east of the city. Want to relax on a boat? Head down to Hemenway Harbor sited close to Boulder City and rent one. You can also enjoy water skis or kneeboards if you want.


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Wild West At Bonnie Springs Ranch

The Bonnie Springs Ranch is also forty minutes drive from Vegas and can be accessed from Wednesday to Sunday. Want to get that Western Old Town feel? This place gives you its best version of the live performance, a small zoo, and everything associated with the Old West.

Red Rock Canyon: 13 Fantastic Self-Drive Day Trips Around Las Vegas

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Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

The Red Rock Canyon is fifty minutes drive away and is a great place to hike. If you go during the hot season, you can drive through taking in the natural scenery. The view is appealing to the eyes.

Valley of Fire State Park: 13 Fantastic Self-Drive Day Trips Around Las Vegas

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Relive The Past In Shoshone Village, CA

The Shoshone Village is more than one hour drive from Vegas. It is a tiny hamlet that reminds visitors of a tiny village used in a mystical movie. It comes with cave homes that were made from the surrounding rock. The village comes with a museum that speaks of its history, especially the rush for gold.

St George, Utah - 13 Fantastic Self-Drive Day Trips Around Las Vegas

View The Great Mormon Heritage At St. George, Utah

This is close to two hours drive from Vegas, and it gives visitors great view of the Mormon culture, their heritage and what they are known for. The sights are gorgeous.

Valley of Fire State Park Road

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The Intriguing Trails Of Valley Of Fire State Park

If you are one that loves to explore, enjoying the trails of Valley of Fire State Park will make you fall in love. It’s one hour drive from Vegas, and it is really worth it. It’s a nice place to take pictures.

Image result for Charleston Peak area

Hike The Charleston Peak Area

When you came to Las Vegas, you never thought that you would view snow-capped mountains. You are in luck, as driving four city minutes to Charleston Peak area will give you such intriguing views.

Get The Gold At Nelson Ghost Town & Techatticup Mine

This ghost town, though it still has scores of people living there, has the best of old machinery and buildings that dot the ghost town. You can check their site for guided tours to intriguing sites.

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