So, you like vacation movies?
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So, you like vacation movies?

There are such a variety of movies out there; however, it is impossible to enjoy each and every one of them. Once in a while, a movie will come into existence and you feel as if you must watch it. The horror flick that makes you cover your eyes and dig your fingernails into the arm of the person sitting next to you, the love stories that make you cry from the passion, the comedies that cause you to laugh uncontrollably, and the mysterious films that keep you asking why and wanting more. These are all movies that I’m more than sure we have come across more than once.

These movies are wonderful, but sometimes we may snub them for the simple fact that we cannot relate; sometimes we want movies that we can put ourselves in the actors shoes. With that being said, it is safe to say that vacation movies fall into this category. Most people have been on vacations, had mishaps, all kinds of chaos happened and issues that made them memorable trips and leaving us with stories to tell others for years to come. Sure, there are numerous amounts of vacation films out there to see, but some are considered to be better than others according to how much money was spent on seeing them in theaters across the globe.

Don’t worry, just because a movie is based on a vacation does not necessarily mean that there won’t be more of a plot line; you can still get your tear ducts working and your emotions running wild. For example, “Under the Tuscan Sun” is based on a woman, Frances Mayes, who just got out of a marriage that she didn’t even know was doomed and ends up taking a vacation in Tuscany to move on with her life and finds more than she was looking for. Another film known as “Message in a Bottle” holds this passion when a woman is running along the beach and finds a love note; she falls in love with a mystery man’s words, finds him, and awakens the words written by him.

Yes, it is true; to some people these movies may come off as just being cheesy, but luckily there are some vacation films that are all laughs and smiles for the audiences out there wanting to chuckle. For a majority of movie buffs and simply even occasional movie watchers, the first movies we think of when the word “vacation” comes up are Chevy Chase’s National Lampoon flicks such as: “Vacation”, “European Vacation”, and “Christmas Vacation”; they are full of chaos and possible scenarios. They are classics! Speaking of classics, “What About Bob?” is a wonderful film that’s humorous and quirky, as the movie plays on, it gets funnier because what happens next. It’s unpredictable. Can you just imagine how it would be trying to get away from it all on a relaxing vacation with your family and having a mystery man suffering from an obsessive-compulsive disorder show up at your door and taking all your family’s attention and care away? Then there’s “Weekend at Bernie’s”, this movie takes death and makes it as funny as possible. Two young men, Richard and Larry are invited for a get away at a beach house by their boss, however, there boss is dead when they arrive; instead of letting anyone know they keep it all to themselves to continue on their hopes of a good time. So, next time you want to have a good vacation movie watching experience, which one will you choose?

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