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Please read these guidelines carefully if you want to contribute content.

Submit Articles That Help Readers Make Informed Business Decisions

We feature articles that help readers make informed business decisions. We require detailed explanations, concrete examples, and actionable instructions. A reader shouldn’t have to look up another source when reading your article.

Every contribution should meet these four goals:

  1. Inform readers about business processes, challenges, scenarios, and tools, using case studies, examples, and data.
  2. Educate readers about the choices they need to make to innovate and enhance their business and why.
  3. Guide readers through the process of solving pressing business challenges and making informed decisions, using clearly written, step-by-step instructions and compelling, reader-friendly visuals.
  4. Cover a topic comprehensively so readers don’t need to read anything else before taking action.

To get an idea of what we’re looking for, check out articles we’ve published.

Fit the Topics We Cover

Your contribution must deal with a business decision, purchase, or other issue that fits into one of our content categories:

  • Travel
  • Vacation
  • Timeshare Deals
  • Vacation Packages

For inspiration, check out our latest articles, and think of topics in terms of four questions:

  1. How do you do X?
  2. Why should you do X?
  3. Why is X happening?
  4. What is X? Why is X important?

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