Looking for some of the best, most entertaining attractions in Daytona Beach. It’s a great way to bring your next vacation to the world’s most famous beach to life if you can plan it out properly. But it all comes down to getting the right advice from the right source.

Enter today’s article, from Rooms 101. Join us, today, as we break down some of the area’s leading yearly events, and get ready for the trip of a lifetime in 2020.

The Daytona 500

Every year in mid-February, Daytona beach is home to one of the all-time great American races. This is the event to beat all events. And, if you time it right, you can be a part of that. And it’s well worth taking your shot.

This is the creme de la creme of the NASCAR circuit. A high-speed race that brings in hundreds of visitors a year. With stadiums packed with fans, the Daytona International Speedway comes alive with license plates from dozens of states. People arrive from every corner of the country. And they arrive ready to watch the 500 mile-long race. So, if anything, you’ll want to book your ticket, early, for one of this event’s coveted tickets.

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Bike Week

While you’re taking in the sites, sounds and sweet smell of gasoline that go with the Daytona 500, why not enjoy mid-February’s other motorized treat? That’s right, the “World’s Greatest Motorcycle Event”: Daytona Beach Bike Week.

Motorcyclists from every country in the world make their way to the sandy shores of Daytona Beach, every year, for this unforgettable 10-day bike extravaganza. Celebrate all bikes of all shapes and sizes, from gigantic Harley Davidsons to scramblers, scooters, and every other flavor of motorbike under the sun.

Spring Break

This world-famous beach event is, without a doubt, one of the biggest and most popular attractions in Daytona Beach. With every single local bar up and buzzing with activity, parties, and events, hundreds of gorgeous people flocking to the beaches, there’s constantly something happening. After all, there’s a reason Spring Break is still one of the biggest attractions of the American school year.

And it’s not just students who are enjoying the festivities, year after year, either. People from all over the country head to Daytona Beach to spend their Easter vacation tanning, partying, and having the times of their lives. Expect massive crowds on the beach, bars alive with drunken antics, and entertainment everywhere you look.

The Daytona Turkey Run

The famous Daytona Turkey Run is a great example of a completely underrated classic car show. The perfect day out for the whole family, this event brings in people of all ages and level of interest in cars. With more than 5,000 collector cars on display, every year, there’s something here for everybody, just from the numbers alone.

Classic car lover? Just looking for a way to pass the time? Either way, you could do worse than being surrounded by some of the most beautiful, pristine motor vehicles the country has to offer. Take in a history of classic car memories, enjoy various onsite arts and crafts, and maybe even make a purchase or two. 

The Hippie Festival

The next time you’re out looking for attractions in Daytona Beach, turn to your left, then turn to your right. How many people are wearing tie-dye? If that answer is more than three, there’s a good chance you’re visiting during the June Hippie Fest.

This is a vibrant, fun-filled street festival, featuring a plethora of stalls, entertainment, and hippie-themed mementos. For a laid back atmosphere, and plenty to do, check out the Daytona Beach Hippie Festival. Get down to the Peabody Auditorium, early, and take in a tour of all the colorful stalls. 

Jeep Beach

April sees more awesome motor vehicles flocking to the World’s Most Famous Beach, this time for one of America’s largest jeep meetings. The Daytona Jeep Beach Festival is an exclusive Jeep event on a massive scale. Jeep lovers from across the country gather out on the sand for a huge charity event, putting their all-terrain wheels into the compacted sand.

Local vendors come out in droves to serve members of the public, the beach explodes in sun-baked activities, and visitors are treated to a one-of-a-kind experience. 

Ormond Beach Beer Festival

In the month of May, Ormond beach’s beachside beer festival adds a hoppy shine to the Daytona Beach landscape. The festival itself is a local favorite but also brings in foreign visitors by the bucketload. Take a short drive up along the Daytona Beach coast to the attractive nearby town of Ormond Beach. Then stop off for a nice cold beer with the locals or a few friends.

Daytona Beach Carnival

For a taste of the simple pleasures, the Daytona Beach Carnival offers festival fun for the whole family. With attractions from local Latin American, Caribbean, and African communities, the Carnival brings this area to life in August and September. Taking place over a single weekend, right there on the shoreline, there is a neverending process of unique, exciting activities.

This is a great time to be in Daytona Beach for one simple reason: a gigantic excuse to party. Take in the awesome live music, delicious food, and local attractions, with celebrations carrying on well into the night. 

The Halifax Art Festival

The annual Halifax Art Festival is a local institution. Taking place right there in the center of Beach Street, the city’s famous location, the festival draws in more than 45,000 visitors every year. Explore a gigantic variety of stalls, with fantastic original artwork and craft items, all handmade by some of the area’s very talented artists.

Complemented by live music and a whole host of awesome entertainment options, the festival is a perfect place to soak in the creativity of the local art scene. There’s something for everyone, from children’s activities to romantic dining opportunities at some of the gorgeous local restaurants. 

The Annual Greek Festival

Easily one of the biggest attractions in Daytona Beach, the annual Greek Festival brings a taste of the Mediterranean to the beach. With food, music, gigantic group dances and other entertainment to take in, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy everything the Greek community has to offer. Well, once-in-a-lifetime provided you don’t come back next year, and there’s every chance you absolutely will.

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Attractions in Daytona Beach

Looking for a great deal on your next big trip to Florida’s central east coast? With all of the fantastic attractions in Daytona Beach, it’s no small wonder. The sheer amount of awesome fun there is to be had here makes it one of our favorite destinations to recommend to any traveler looking for a good time. Visit Rooms 101, today, to find out more about our great selection of Daytona Beach travel packages.

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