A Vegas vacation is something we’ve all wanted to do at one point. Many of us even commit to the idea and flock to Sin City, year after year. But what is the best time to visit Vegas? Which seasons work best for room space, weather, and events? Join us, today, as we break it down, and get ready for the trip of a lifetime.

March Through May

Springs in Las Vegas mean beautifully sunny days and comfortable temperatures in the 70s and 80s. You’ll want to pack a few light layers for your trip outside, as temperatures tend to dip quickly after sundown.

Vegas gets fewer visitors around this time of year, which makes it easier to rate good rates on great rooms. There is also a huge variety of special spring events to look forward to. Expect NASCAR weekends, Uncork’d wine events, and music aplenty, not to mention dozens of others.

June Through August

You will never truly appreciate your central air until you visit Vegas in the summer. For those of you not glued to a slot machine, during this time, plan your outdoor time for early in the morning or around dusk, when the heat’s not up.

July and August also see much more rainfall in vegas, but these showers are usually pretty short-lived. Even with all of that said, summer is an extremely popular time to visit Vegas. Anticipate slightly higher hotel rates and crowded pools, but also a lot of fun. And take some time to check out the World Series of Poker between May and June.

September Through November

Much like spring, fall is a good but underrated time of year to hit Las Vegas. With summer heat on the decline and tourist traffic petering out and beautiful temperatures in the 80s and 90s, you’ll also see the beginning of the winter cold with daytime temperatures in the 60s.

Visitor traffic is by no means zero, around this time, so make your bookings a few weeks in advance. The Rock ‘n Roll Las Vegas Marathon is fantastic, and the IHeartRadio Music Festval is a staple around this time.

December Through February

Once the cooler weather of December hits Las Vegas, the sudden spike in parties brings Sin City to life. Book flights and reserve hotels at least a month in advance if you want a shot at being where and when you want. This goes doubly for anybody trying to spend New Year, Vegas-style.

The Best Time To Visit Vegas

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