What’s a good vacation really about? Making memories you can share with your family for years to come? Sure, maybe. Trying something new you’ve always wanted to do? Possibly. But when it comes to really enjoying yourself on vacation, the one guilty little pleasure we all share is finding the perfect place to take a selfie that will make our friends jealous.

Join us today as we bring you five great spots to take a selfie at Disney World, Orlando.

Next To Your Parking Sign

The first spot on our list takes a practical spin as well as being a fun spot for a selfie. The Disney World parking bays are each named after major characters from the Disney Universe, and it’s a minor rite of passage to see which one you get.

Snap a quick shot next to the picture of Goofy that goes with your parking spot and you’ll have a memory you can always come back to. You’ll also have a handy point of reference at the end of a long day adventuring so you know where you parked your car.

Cinderella Castle

Nothing at Disney World is more iconic than the silhouette of Cinderella Castle. With its amazing parapets and stunning fireworks displays, this is the ultimate selfie location.  Become your own royal photographer and create some premium jealousy with all of your Facebook followers in front of Cinderella’s Castle.

Next To Your Favorite Character

Another must-do item on every Disney World vacation list is finding your favorite character. They’re all here, after all, so why not search out Gaston, Genie, Goofy, or some other great character for a quick selfie? You’ll have a memory you can always come back to with your pick of the Disney crop.

With The Spacecraft

The Epcot Center’s most iconic spot has to be the bullet in front of the spaceship. Find your way to the towering geodesic sphere and snap a pic next to this awesome Disney attraction. You’ll have an “off-the-beaten-path” style photo that’s still instantly recognizable, and a great talking point.

The Steampunk Fire-Breathing Dragon

The Disney floats are one of the best parts of a Disney World trip. And easily one of the coolest floats Disney has is the Malaysian fire breathing dragon. Get yourself set up as the parade makes its way down toward the castle and catch a selfie with a dragon behind you.

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