Dominican Republic Travel on a Budget

The Dominican Republic is rich with places to see, and things to do. But that doesn’t mean you have to be rich to see them. Here are some amazing things to do for your Dominican Republic trip on a budget. 

Things to do on your budget trip to Dominican Republic

  • Playa Del Macao
  • The Colonial City 
  • Basílica De Nuestra Señora

Playa Del Macao

Since the Dominican Republic makes up about two-thirds of the land of the carribean, visiting the beaches is nothing but necessary on your trip. There’s more to these beaches then what you can see on the surface though. Scuba diving tours offer a cheap way to take in all the maritime views. 

The Colonial City

Dominican Republic is rich with history. Luckily, there is no extra cost to be immersed in it. Visit the Colonial City for a taste of something more from this great country.

Basílica De Nuestra Señora 

This is one of Dominican Republic’s most prized landmarks. Grand architectural structures, and art make this landmark a true work of art. 

These are just some of the things you can do for little to no cost in the Domincan Republic.


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