If you find yourself a little intimidated by the thought of all the myths surrounding Sin City, don’t be! Most of the things you hear about Vegas are the myths you’re wondering they might be.

Everyone should experience Las Vegas for themselves at least once. Chances are, you might discover some to be true and for those moments, remember the old saying: “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

Let’s go over some of the more common Las Vegas myths and stereotypes and to put your mind at ease as you venture out to the desert for the first time.  

Everyone in Vegas is Attractive!

It’s no secret that Vegas is known for hosting the hottest celebrities, supermodels, and those who can afford a good silicone makeover. Nevertheless, that shouldn’t stop you from putting on your best dress or suit and having a great night out on the town. Not everyone is Vegas is a walking billboard – in fact, most are everyday people just looking for a good time.

Attractive people are just people at the end of the day. Your experiences are too valuable to pass up for anyone’s sake.

You Can Get Free Drinks While You Gamble

There are a number of casinos that will offer you free liquor while you gamble or play the slots. The idea behind the free drinks is in their hopes of keeping you spending money on games. You are under the impression of having more money to spend playing if you are saving money on alcohol. Also, it goes without saying that the more drunk you get, the more money you’ll be willing to spend.

Vegas offers you plenty of opportunities for a good time – just don’t get too carried away.

The Buffets Are Really Cheap!

Truthfully, buffets on the Las Vegas Strip are not necessarily always inexpensive. The tourist areas are bound to be a little inflated and buffets are no different. However, the farther away you go off the Strip, the cheaper everything gets. We recommend you get yourself some sort of coupon, unless you are one of those rare individuals who can eat $40 worth of crab legs. Not impossible but also not for the average!

Also, you may be able to take advantage of the food and beverage deals offered by your hotel.

Free Rides To The Strip Clubs

This one is definitely not too good to be true and, depending on how many people in your party, it might even be in a limo! Of course, not all clubs abide by this offer, so make sure to check with your hotel before you book. Some services even allow you to call directly for a ride. Safety should always be your first priority when you go out in Vegas.

The Pool Parties Are Topless

Although the Vegas pool parties might seem unbelievable, remember that they are also unbelievably crowded and expensive. The reality is that most Vegas pool parties are enjoyed best by those who have money to spend. There may be a room and pool party deal or coupon available if you look around. Seriously, unless you’re willing to pay an average of $40 to get into a pool party plus drinks, then these might not be the best option for a first timer.

As for that “topless” part, that could very well be true at some Vegas bars, but it’s not a guarantee. Unless you are absolutely sure, ladies, it’s best to keep your tops on. And guys, well, you’re probably safe.

You’ll Get Kicked Out for Counting Cards

It’s true you can get kicked out for counting cards but not in the way you think. You would have to be winning a ridiculously suspicious amount of money. Anyways, it really depends on what you are gambling for. Are you trying to win big in Vegas or just play for a good time? An inexperienced gambler should probably not attempt to count cards in hopes of winning big. Perhaps it would be best to skip the math during your stay in Vegas.

You Can Drink Anywhere In Las Vegas

You can sure drink but you can’t drink anywhere and everywhere. You’re allowed open containers down the Strip and on Fremont Street. Vegas is a little more lenient when it comes to allowing people to have alcohol beyond the bars, but remember that the laws are still enforced.

Chances are you won’t even mind or notice. Seriously, you’re pretty likely to end up staying at a place you like or finishing up your drink before you move onto the next location. There is no point in staggering around with a drink in your hand looking sloppy. You could be looking at a ticket, so be warned!

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