Halloween is a great time of the year for thrills and chills, no matter where you are in the country. That said, you wouldn’t expect Halloween in Gatlinburg of all places to be packed with “ookie spookies”.

But you’d be wrong. Oh, you would be so very wrong. Join us today as we break down three great spookie evenings out to enjoy during your next big trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and happy Halloween, everybody!

1. Fright Nights at Ripley’s

When it comes to matters of the bizarre and the strange, Ripley’s has made a name for itself over the years. There’s the famous Believe It or Not Odditorium but, even more spookily, Gatlinburg’s own Ripley’s Haunted Adventure. 

This 10,000-square-foot haunted house is open year-round. That said, when Halloween arrives, each year, the attraction ramps up fun to whole new levels. Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights throughout October, Haunted Adventure organizes annual Scare Nights, with all manner of ghosts and ghoulies lurking everywhere. 

Keep in mind, visitors must be at least 6 years old, with children under 12 accompanied by an adult, in order to visit. There is no additional fee for visiting on Fright Night with everything included with the standard entrance.

2. Giant Pumpkin LumiNights With Dollywood

The Dollywood Harvest Festival, presented by Humana, is a vibrant and treasured event nestled right into the surrounding Great Smokey Mountains. This radiant, illuminated Halloween festival is a festival of lanterns and gorgeous fall fun. 

No visit to Gatlinburg during the fall would be complete without a stop by to see the artistic sculptures, whimsical scenes and pumpkinny fun. The event is also great for discovering new pumpkin-themed food, entertainment and arts. The Great Pumpkin LumiNights at Dollywood are the perfect sweet treat to complement the fall.

3. The Corn Maze and Zombie Blasterz at Kyker Farms

For a 100% unique Halloween adventure, head on over to Kyker Farms and experience their “Kornfusing Korn Mazes”! We recommend bringing a large group of your friends or family members to add to your overall intellectual capacity so you can puzzle out the correct path.

Visit Kyker Farms on a Friday or Saturday night in October, and you can actually partake in one of two special Halloween events, and the second is extra spooky. Signing up for Zombie Blasterz allows you to walk through dead forests armed with a high-powered paintball gun. 

Halloween in Gatlinburg, Tennessee 

Taking a vacation during the spooky season is a great idea, especially if you want to experience thrills and chills in a city you’ve never experienced before. Hopefully, with today’s tips in hand, you’ll have what you need to get your scare on this Halloween.

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