Myrtle Beach is also known as the Grand Strand, a naming callback to its awesome local beaches. It’s the “grand” part that really matters, though, as anybody who’s ever vacationed at this fantastic coastal town will confirm it is a trip to remember. Located in sunny South Carolina, the area sports some of the region’s top family and beach vacation activities. Add to that the huge variety of accommodation options, from resorts to hotels and even campgrounds, and Myrtle Beach is an ideal destination with tons to offer.

But what do you do with a city that has so much to offer? How do you make a decision that gets you out of the hotel room and doing something you’ll remember for years to come? You could be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed, with the area’s legendary history dating back to some of the region’s earliest inhabitants, and hundreds of cultural and tourist activities to take in during your stay.

So join us, today, as we bring you the best Myrtle Beach local tips. After all, who best to take advice from than the people who live where you vacation?

Visit During the Fall Season

One of the first things the locals in any big city will tell you is that you’ve got to know the weather if you’re going to do a trip right. And it’s the same when it comes to Myrtle Beach. Thanks to a nice combination of warm weather and comfortable air quality, Fall is a wonderful time of year to spend out on the shore. 

And it makes a difference in other ways, as well. Prices start dropping, almost immediately, making it an easier place to visit and really go all out. The crowds thin out at attractions and restaurants, so there’s no waiting. And your pictures are going to look fantastic, as the cooler weather allows for a comfortable combination of literally any combination of outfits.

Early Mornings

Myrtle Beach is best experienced in the early morning breeze, as any card-carrying local will tell you. With that in mind, make sure you get up early for a few sunrises. West coast cities make their tourism names on their sunsets, but Myrtle Beach boasts some of the most awesome sunrises you’ll find anywhere on the east coast.

And yes, we know: most of us would prefer to sleep in, a little bit, on vacation. But a good experience is all about balance. Set your alarm clock one morning, brew some good coffee, and get ready for the majesty of one of the most beautiful sunrises you’re likely to see. If you can’t trust a local on the quality of their sunsets, who can you trust? 

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Don’t Just Visit The Beach

Look, we get it: the main reason anybody visits Myrtle Beach is to hit up the sandy shores for a little fun in the sun. Heck, the word “Beach” is in the name, which makes sense, as the 60 miles of pristine coastline are gorgeous and great fun! 

But, and this probably shouldn’t come as any surprise, Myrtle Beach is actually home to several awesome attractions, both natural and man-made. There are various bodies of water on-hand that all deserve a visit. Go paddleboarding or try out a kayak on one of the many local rivers and lakes. Take in a walk through the downtown area. Get out there and mingle and discover the many layers Myrtle Beach has to offer.

Eat Like A Myrtle Beach Area Resident

Another crucial part of any local culture is the food, and Myrtle Beach has plenty to spare. Get something to eat at one of several local family-owned restaurants, many of which have historic significance to the area. Satisfy your appetite, do a little people-watching, and maybe even meet some of the locals.

Looking for a few recommendations? It’s all subjective, but some of our favorites include:

  • Peaches Corner
  • Hoskins Restaurant
  • Sea Captain’s House
  • Mammy’s Kitchen

But, as we’ve said, the best approach is to go wondering and find something that tickles your fancy. Looking for an all-American breakfast of biscuits and gravy? Hankering for some delicious barbecue? Whatever you’re hungry for, you’re going to find it here, with the help of a few choice Myrtle Bach local tips.

State Parks

Whatever you come to Myrtle Beach for, its two state parks absolutely have to factor in. Visit Myrtle Beach State Park and Huntington Beach State Park during your visit for the best of what Myrtle Beach’s local fauna and flora have to offer. From nature trails and overnight visits to local campgrounds, all with the advice of the expert onsite rangers!

These stunning state parks aren’t just a beautiful visit but have a whole host of awesome local programs available to their visitors. These events, which are usually free, are on offer throughout the year. Learn a little something about the local area, give the kids something to do, and enjoy your time out in the great Myrtle Beach outdoors!

Five Quick Tips For Your Visit

In closing, please consider some of the following short Myrtle beach local tips for first-time visitors:


Myrtle Beach can get hot, even for a beach town. Avoid vacation-ruining sunburn, even on days where the weather is overcast. Be prepared, when you leave the house, and make sure to enjoy yourself safely.

Hunt For Bargains

Great beach vacations are about simple pleasures, and spending a ton of money often isn’t necessary. Shop around for local coupons. Visit bars and restaurants during happy hours and ask for specials or deals at the establishments you visit. 

Don’t Overstuff Your Schedule

One of the biggest problems with visiting a place like Myrtle Beach, where there are so many attractions to visit is deciding on just what to do. Staying busy is great, but it’s entirely possible to ruin your own trip by trying to do too much. Pick a few activities, based on your personal interests, and remember you can always save a few for your next visit. 

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Myrtle Beach Local Tips

The best person to ask for tips on any local vacation is and will always be a local. After all, you’re coming into your vacation fresh, with just a handful of online articles to go on. How are you going to know what else there is to do aside from visiting one of the area’s many gorgeous beaches? Where do you go to eat when Trip Advisor recommendations just don’t cut it anymore?

You need insights and Myrtle Beach local tips. Somebody on the inside, who knows what time is best to take a romantic walk out on the beach, which state parks are the most fun, and where the real best places are to eat. Then, once you’ve got your schedule together, it’s time to book your trip! Check out some of the fantastic Myrtle Beach vacation deals on offer from Rooms 101.

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