So you’ve made the call and decided to book your next vacation in sunny Myrtle Beach, this summer. But you’re not the typical traveler. You’re not here for cheap entertainment, theme parks, and trips to the mall. No, you came here looking for Myrtle Beach tips to help get you off the beaten path.

But where do you go when you don’t want to go where everyone else goes? Where do you eat when you’re avoiding chain restaurants? Join us, today, as we break down several Myrtle Beach hidden gems for your next big trip.

Off The Beaten Path

Some of the best secrets can be found down the road less traveled. In Myrtle Beach, you can spend all day wading through the water down at the beach or take in any of the big tourist attractions. But it’s the tours, secret destinations, and journeys that make a trip here something special. 

Take in a little bit of the local history at one of several Civil War sites, serine waterways, and guided four-wheeled adventures to hidden destinations. Take, for instance, the gorgeous white sands of Waites Island beaches, or the Inlet Point Plantation. These aren’t spots you’ll find on the run-of-the-mill holiday brochure, but they contain a rich selection of local fauna and flora, and some awesome history to boot.

Next, see the coastline in style on horseback along the Grand Strand, for an unforgettable experience you can brag about with some seriously cool pictures. Myrtle Beach horse riding is a small but robust local industry. Availability is usually seasonal, so make sure to call ahead of time in order to find out if the service is available.

Check out the Heritage Shores Nature Preserve for 7 acres of beautiful trails leading into and around the Cherry Grove swamp. Hit the road with a bicycle on the route from Murrells Inlet to Pawleys Island on the Waccamaw Neck Trail, or walk through the charming Spanish castle of Atalaya. From the Lowcountry simplicity of Hobcaw Barony to Bellefield Plantation, with its 19th-century stylings, there’s so much to see if you leave the preset path.

Have fun hunting your next experience in Myrtle Beach!

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Improved Shopping

Let’s get down to brass tacks: for most of us, a vacation is about having fun and going shopping. And, when it comes to the second option, you probably aren’t in any big rush to see another generic shopping mall. It’s more fun, instead, to head out away from the bustle of the city to the smaller, more unique shopping locations.

Little River Mini Mall is a 25,000 square foot monument to antique shopping and collectibles. Find anything from unique home crafts to cookware art and jewelry. Get new items at flea market prices, at Little River.

Take home a few keepsakes from Gay Dolphin Gift Cove on Ocean Boulevard. This out-of-the-way shopping experience has earned a reputation for excellent shopping and a wide range of inexpensive items. With over 50 years in the local community, this gigantic curio store is one of Myrtle Beach’s leading destinations for locals and tourists looking for interesting gifts and souvenirs. 

Hudson’s Surfside Flea Market is a retail paradise, with massive commercial inventories and plenty to choose from. Spend a quiet morning browsing through hundreds of vendors in the 70,000-square-foot outdoor covered market. And, even if shopping isn’t exactly your speed, there’s plenty to look at even for non-shoppers. Take in the serene Hammock Shops Village local to on Pawleys Island, or just enjoy some of the local outdoor areas with your family. Bliss.

Myrtle Beach Tips: Other Attractions

Of course, the best way to get off the beaten path in any city is to look for unique, individual opportunities to have a little fun. Consider some of the following:

New South Brewing

One of the greatest advancements of 21st-century tourism is being able to check out local microbrews from the city you’re visiting. Craft beers from New South Brewing are one of Myrtle Beach’s leading alcoholic exports, and they have over 15 years worth of industry experience to back it up. They’re a Myrtle Beach essential, serving everything from standard lagers to specialty beers.

La Belle Amie vineyards

Craft beer not exactly your speed? Why not stop for a glass of wine at La Belle Amie Vineyard, instead? Wine and the beach are a classic pairing, and this gorgeous location tucked away in nearby Little River, makes for a charming stopover during any Myrtle Beach vacation. The vineyard itself is open to members of the public from Tuesday through Saturday, from 10 AM through 5 PM.

Wondering what to expect during your visit? While taking in the vineyard itself, you’ll have ample opportunity to browse the onsite tasting room, visit the gift shop, and even enjoy a little live music. With a glass of wine in your hand and the dappled sunlight hitting the winery’s porch just right, this is an experience that’s not to be missed.

Vereen Memorial Historic Gardens

For our final entry in today’s list, a great place to get out for a little fun-in-the-sun with your dog is the Vereen Memorial Gardens, located on the Little River Boardwalk. Hiking and wooden trails make their way through and around the local marshes and islands, with lookout points for guests to absorb the nearby Intracoastal Waterway. This is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon, full-to-the-brim with great photo ops.

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Myrtle Beach Tips: Get Off The Beaten Path

On any list of Myrtle Beach tips, the important thing is always going to be to find something fun, enriching, and unique to help you make some memories that will last for years to come. With the help of today’s article, you’ll be able to get off the beaten path for a weekend you won’t find on most tourist-trap travel articles.

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