Orlando, Florida is one of the most bustling cities in the world. As a consequence, it is also one of the most famed tourist spots in the world. Various attractions, restaurants, clubs, and events are perfect for creating lasting memories with friends and family.

 Join us as we take a look at ten of the best spots for adults looking for things to do in Orlando.

Walt Disney World

There can’t be a list of things to do in Orlando without including Walt Disney World. It is arguably the single place that put this city on the map and with good reason.

Disney World caters to audiences of all ages, providing four differently-themed parks for people to enjoy. To make sure they cater to older audiences, Disney provides the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. Take a journey around the world and enjoy various specialty dining opportunities. Prepare to be wined, dined and hungry for more at this amazing attraction!

Orlando Brewing Company

Producing completely organic beer to the highest of standards, The Orlando Brewing Company is one of the single most exciting locations to visit in Florida. It is among the only acclaimed organic breweries this side of Colorado, and stakes its name by providing the best quality beer. Thirsty for more? Head down to South Street Exit on I-4 to taste excellence!

Mall at Millenia

For those with more elegant tastes, take a trip to Mall at Millenia to get a look at true extravagance. Whether window shopping or buying, there is always something to be gained from visiting this mall.

Touring the Big City

Certainly one of the best ways to explore a new city is to take tours of it! Orlando holds so much history and lore that no one tour is ever truly the same. Try the biggest tour in Orlando, the Gray Line Orlando Tour, which reveals most of the city and its outlying suburbs, to get a taste of what Orlando really is.

Universal CityWalk

Itching for an amazing night out with friends? Visit the Universal CityWalk to fulfill this desire with many shops, restaurants and live music. There is even a cinema with all the hottest new movies out now! Whether you want to sing karaoke or dance until the sun comes up, the possibilities are universal at Universal CityWalk!

Kings Dining and Entertainment

Visit Kings Dining and Entertainment for the best food and even better memories. Feel like royalty at the Kings Dining, designed as a bowling alley by day and a lounge by night. Be sure to check out the billiards tables and the full service bar to get a truly great experience!

Escapology Escape Rooms Orlando

Looking for a challenge on your trip to Orlando? Then visit the Escapology Escape Rooms to meet true adversity. Prepare to feel like Sherlock Holmes as you discover new clues that will lead to your successful escape.

Titanic: The Experience

Prepare to be taken back in time on this nautical experience that provides a lot more insight into the ill-fated cruise ship of the early 1910’s. Visit the museum to get a look at full-scale recreations of different parts of the ship. Take a look at the luxury of the early 1900’s and the history of one of the most infamous disasters, ever, with Titanic: The Experience.

ICON Orlando 360

Boasting the biggest Ferris Wheel on the East Coast, ICON Orlando 360 is a great place to get some of the best views of the city. You will surely be awestruck as the lights and structures from all of the theme parks are visible, making for the best nighttime photography opportunities. Being one of the most perfect romantic getaways, a proposal at 400 ft in the air, surrounded by the ambiance of the Orlando skyline, is one of the best ways ever to get them to say “I do.”

Pointe Orlando

Get the best Orlando has to offer in terms of nightlife activities at Pointe Orlando. Because it it quite literally filled with restaurants, shops and theatres, there is never not something to do and never not something new to try. Discover the true soul of Orlando at B.B King’s Blues Club or visit the Minus5 Ice Bar to get the best-made drinks money can buy.

Things To Do In The City Beautiful

Orlando is a city with so much to offer whoever has the desire for adventure, immersion, and beauty. It is a city filled with lights and memories of great times. Above all else, it’s a fantastic place to make some memories. 

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