I get it, Orlando is not the first city that comes to mind when picturing the perfect winter getaway. Most would prefer a more traditional winter holiday, caught in by the snow and surround by the fire place. But there simply is not enough variation when it comes to a traditional Holiday vacation. Orlando’s many attractions restaurants and hotels are especially catered to its tourists desire for the ultimate holiday experience. With more temperate weather and less crowds, an Orlando Winter Vacation can be the perfect spot to have fun on the holidays.


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How Is The Weather?

Now as you can tell, Florida does not get much snow in the winter, but that does not invalidate its spot as one of the best places for a winter vacation. In fact, Florida winter time weather, is the perfect mix of “lets sit by the fireplace with some hot chocolate” and “lets go out and have fun!” With temperatures mainly in the 70’s throughout the winter, Orlando promises a great time without the blistering summer heat and remiss of the bone-chilling cold of winter. 

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Less People More Fun!

There is a big difference between Orlando in the Winter vs Orlando in the Summer. And that’s Less people! In this instance though, less means more. Whether its a walk through Downtown Disney or across the city itself, the less crowded city will give a much needed breath of fresh air on your Orlando Winter Vacation.

However, if you are planning your getaway during Christmas and New Years, the attractions will surely be packed with people as the top theme parks, Universal, Disney, and Seaworld will surely have special holiday events going on for all to enjoy.

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What is there to do?

You will find out there is a lot do on an Orlando Winter Vacation. Here are just a few of the very best attractions and events happening in Orlando!

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Christmas Towne at Bucsh Gardens!

Visit Busch Gardens during your stay in Orlando for a magical time of sparkling lights and yuletide merriment. Visit Santa’s house and be introduced again to our favorite holiday characters like Rudolph and Santa Claus himself!

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LEGOLAND® Florida Christmas Bricktacular

This one is great for the kids! Enjoy your LEGO Christmas with Santa and the North Pole all in LEGO form! Become a Master Builder and view the famous Santa’s sleigh and Reindeer all made out of LEGO’s. Visit LEGOLAND  for the ultimate family Christmas experience!

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Holidays at Walt Disney World Resort

Disney World provides some of the most magical experiences for children and families. Let that carry on over with the Holiday spirit to provide a truly memorable holiday at the Walt Disney World Resort. 

A Winter Wonderland?

An Orlando Winter vacation can be just the thing you need in order to have a great holiday experience. Temperate weathers provide a cool environment for the many attractions and events that are held in Orlando. Though it is not the traditional winter vacation, Orlando provides a more diverse experience while keeping the heart of the holidays a centerpiece. 

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