When it comes to vacations, everybody’s got their reasons. Maybe you need a break from the office. Maybe your vacation days are about to run out and there’s no way you’re going to visit your wife’s parents in Muncie, Indiana for the fifth year in a row. Or maybe you just haven’t gone swimming in the sea since the late ’90s and you want to see if it’s changed since last time.

Whatever the reason, it’s time to stop playing like you’re not going on vacation to take selfies in cool places to put on TwInstaFace and make your friends jealous. And it’s with that in mind that, today, we bring you our official rundown of the best places in Orlando to take the best selfies, ever!

Coca-Cola Orlando Eye

If you’re going in for a selfie, it’s always better to go big. It’s with this in mind that we put Orlando’s crown jewel observation wheel at the top of our list with a bullet for places to test out your self-portrait game. Lifting visitors 400 feet over the local scenery, this gleaming wheel is a site to behold in the daytime. And at night? With those lights? You’ll be hard pressed to find a sport nearby that isn’t great selfie material.

Visit 8401 International Drive and get snappin’!

The UCF Reflecting Pond

The University of Central Florida has one of the most gorgeous campuses anywhere in Central Florida, and is well worth a visit for one reason alone: its humungous 225,000-gallon swimming pool. The epitome of summertime cool, this beautiful reflecting pond is also a part of UCF’s culture, making it a must-see for any fan of the state. Snap a few selfies at the water’s edge (and try not to drop your phone) for maximum holiday jealousy from all of your Facebook friends.

UCF can be found at 4000 Central Florida Blvd.

The West Art District

Want to take a truly unique selfie? Make your way down to 1011 W. Central Blvd. and discover the technicolor wonder that is the West Art District during your next vacation. Featuring more murals than most people could visit in a day, this is a vibrant canvas to paint your selfie work of art on, with no two photos ever being the same. So make your way down and discover the artistic beating heart of Orlando, this summer!

The Glass House

Probably the most captivating location on our list, Fruin’s gorgeous stained glass house can be seen at Laureate Park and is essential on any list of must-see locations. Picture a life-sized glass hut, with roof and wall tiles made from stunning stained glass panels. It’s a magical place to snap a few photographs, either alone or as part of a group or just a few at midday as you enjoy the gorgeous nearby view. 

The Orlando Museum of Art

Affectionately known as the OMA, this awesome museum has played home to hundreds of fantastic art installations, shapes or different colors and textures, and other interesting exhibits. It’s a great place to snap that super cultural selfie during your next visit, or just soak in the actual art of the region. Either way, we won’t tell on you.

Learn more at 2416 N. Mills Ave.

Discover The Best Places To Take A Selfie

Orlando is one of the most electrifying vacation cities anywhere in Florida. And, with a little luck, you’ll be able to take the perfect selfie during your next big trip to give everybody back home something to talk about.

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