Myrtle Beach is easily one of the most famous beach destinations anywhere in the United States. Perfect for vacations, the city is stuffed full of great entertainment, sunshine activities and local tours, shows, events, and restaurants to take in. This is a true summer experience, pretty much all-year-round, and three days in Myrtle Beach pack in as much fun as a week somewhere else!

But don’t take our word for it: join us, today, for a breakdown of your vacation in Myrtle Beach, and get ready for the beach vacation of a lifetime.

Day One

The first day of your vacation is always the most important. This will set the mood for the rest of your trip, and help you start making memories as soon as possible. So, without any further delay, let’s get your trip started on the right foot, shall we?

Good Eats

Kick-off your long weekend in “the grand strand” with a trip to one of the area’s many fantastic local bistros, bakeries, and coffee shops. Get an awesome breakfast, whether your tastes run more toward traditional diner pancakes or something more decadent (chocolate chip waffles, anyone?) Whatever your tastes, there’s a reason this is such a solid tourist destination, and it starts with the delicious local food.

But, of course, you can’t spend your entire vacation eating (as much as most of us would love to).

Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center

There’s something about a good wax museum that is just irresistible to most tourists, and Myrtle Beach’s is a great example of that. The Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center creates dozens of awesome photo opportunities for visitors to the city, even offering accessories to really make your photos pop.

Kick things up a notch with a visit to the nearby Mirror Maze, where you and the family can knock out an entire afternoon finding your way in and around this fantastic maze. Switch things over to the creepier Outbreak zombie display, and you could literally make an entire day out of this attraction.


With the preamble out of the way, why not get to the big attraction? Local amusement park and place-of-wonder, Myrtle Beach’s own Wonderworks is a great afternoon out. Featuring a ton of awesome interactive exhibits and the popular (but terrifying) Hurricane Shack, this is Myrtle Beach at its finest.

See how much time you could spend in freezing cold “Titanic” water. Explode your senses, with the 6D Extreme Theater. Go bananas on the indoor ropes challenge, battle your new friends at Laser Tag, and take it all in with Xtreme 360 ??biking. With so much to do, if you even manage to squeeze Wonderworks in on your first day, there’s little-to-no chance you’ll have time to do anything else, afterward. 

A Delicious Dinner

Wrap up an amazing day out in Myrtle Beach with an equally amazing dinner. Visit nearby Murrells Inlet for some incredible seafood, steak, and other options. Down-home service and wonderful food are always a great combination, and this is what makes a night out in Myrtle Beach the experience it is.

Pour out some crab sauce, cheers your dinner partner, and take in one of the awesome local views for a truly memorable evening.

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Day Two

One good turn deserves another. Let’s keep the party rolling with an excellent selection of “day two” activities, and help you get on top of your three days days in Myrtle Beach with even more entertainment. 

Brunch Time!

For your next day in Myrtle Beach, kick things off with a delicious fried food brunch. Kick back on a sun-dappled patio, sip on a mimosa, and enjoy a wonderful hamburger, omelet, or more traditional meal. With so much on offer, what you eat is almost unimportant compared to where you eat and whether you get a good table to enjoy yourself at.

Day off to a good start? Good, because it’s time to head back out!

Alligator Adventure

Alligator Adventure is a local treasure. Over more than two decades, this attraction has put its 15 acres of wetland and 900 American alligators to good use, thrilling locals and visitors alike with its scaley animal attractions. The “Reptile Capital of the World” is home to more than “just” alligators, with giant tortoises, a reptile house and serpentarium, and even a few red kangaroos to its name. Marvel at a few Chilean flamingos, for good luck, and Alligator Adventure makes for the perfect family day out!

Local Vineyards

Something that doesn’t get enough coverage is Myrtle Beach’s quick access to various local vineyards. With as little as a quick 15-minute drive, you could spend the afternoon out in a beautiful vineyard, enjoying a glass of something cold and amber.

Kick back in the fresh air and enjoy a little live music, and you’ll be wondering why you don’t do this every day.

Take In A Show

Close off a great day out in Myrtle Beach with a night at the theater! The Calvin Gilmore Theater offers a great selection of musical hits and productions to eager audiences, every month. With the outstanding costumes on display, amazing local talent on the stage, and a huge array of ongoing shows throughout the year, this beautiful theater is a Myrtle Beach landmark.

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Day Three

And, just like that, it’s your last day in this beautiful East Coast vacation destination. But don’t be sad it’s coming to an end! You’ve still got too much left to do!

Tour A Nearby Salt Marsh

On your last day in Myrtle Beach, it’s a good idea to take in a little more of the area’s local fauna and flora. A great way to do this is to register for one of the area’s various kayak tours through the salt marsh inlets. With the help of an informed tour guide, you’ll spend an entertained afternoon out in the fresh air, decked out in life jackets, and enjoying Myrtle Beach for what it is. 

Plan for a tour early in the morning, when the weather isn’t too hot and the water is a little calmer. 

Huntington Beach State Park

All done kayaking? Don’t stop while you’re on a roll! Take in a tour of the famous Huntington Beach State Park, for a beautiful day out in the sunshine. Whether on foot or from an air-conditioned car, Huntington Park is always a great time and, certainly, something you shouldn’t miss out on. 

Garden City Pier

All tired out from walking all day? Alright, it’s time to take it easy. Cap off an awesome weekend with an early evening stroll down the nearby Garden City pier. A short drive over in nearby Garden City, this quiet pier is a great photo op for any last-minute vacation photos you may want to take. 

Dinner Time, One Last Time!

So you’ve left it all out in the great Myrtle Beach outdoors. It’s time to take in one more seafood buffet before you head out. And, luckily for you, there’s a huge number of outside-seated restaurants putting delicious seafood on plates for you to choose from. 

Three Days In Myrtle Beach

With the right schedule in place, it’s easy to have the absolute best three days in Myrtle Beach possible. With today’s article in-hand, you’ll have everything you need to make that happen. For a great deal on your next Myrtle Beach vacation, check out some of the great deals available from Rooms 101. 

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