While Tennessee might not seem like the best place to go, especially for a Summer vacation, where there is no access to the beach. However, we all have that one friend who took Summer trips to Tennessee only to come back and tell the grandest stories of their adventures. Maybe you’ve wondered: What is a trip to Tennessee like? Well, we took a trip to Gatlinburg and here are 5 amazing things to do on yours!

5 Things to do on your Trip to Gatlinburg

  • The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
  • Gatlinburg Trolley
  • Gatlinburg Music
  • Anakeesta
  • Go out for Icecream

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park

How can you say your trip to Gatlinburg has begun if you haven’t stepped foot on the famed Great Smoky Mountains? Hike the various trails of these historic mountains and uncover the beauty that nature truly has to offer. But take some pepper spray, you might run into some bears along the way!

Gatlinburg Trolley

No cars necessary in Gatlinburg TN when you have the illustrious Gatlinburg Trolley. It will take you anywhere you need to go on your trip, whether you need to go to restaurants or attractions.

Gatlinburg Music

Music is something the people of Gatlinburg can’t get enough of. This is about the time for the Smoky Mountain Tunes and Tales festival, which hosts many musicians and activities that tell the story of the Great Smoky Mountains. The best part about it, its all free!


Anakeesta is the all new attraction coming to Gatlinburg this Summer! It will be a tree-house themed attraction with a chair lift ride, zip line, and a treehouse playground for the kids!

Go out for Ice Cream

Nothing screams a touristy outing like topping a nice stroll of with a spot of ice cream. With hot spots like Kilwin’s whose fudge is completely to die for, You know you’re getting the best quality sweets from the favorite craftsmen you never knew you had.

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