How many times have you talked to a travel agent that recommended a place you know nothing about? They did such a great job selling no-man’s land to you that before you know it, you’re actually there, getting swallowed whole by life-size mosquitoes. Right at this same time, you remember someone mentioning about vacationing in Puerto Rico and wishing that’s where you were instead of here. 


Vacations should be fun, and at the least, bite-free. This time of year is truly a great time to add Puerto Rico onto your must-visit travel list. However, before you go, it always helps when you learn some fun facts about your destination so you’ll be hip to the local in’s and out’s of the land. We certainly want you to avoid a replay of your last vacation. 


Fun Facts About Puerto Rico

  • Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States, a passport is not required for U.S. citizens to enter
  • The currency is the U.S. dollar
  • Fortunately for your wallet, international calling plans aren’t necessary, the island has 4GLTE
  • Languages spoken: English, Spanish and Spanglish, a mix of both
  • Located just east of Dominican Republic, it’s the smallest island of the Greater Antilles
  • There are over 1300 weekly non-stop flights and over 1,000 direct flights from major U.S. cities
  • The population of Puerto Rico is approximately 3.6 million and currently there are 5 million Puerto Ricans living in the U.S. 
  • There are 300 miles of coastline and about the same number of beaches
  • The only rain forest in the U.S. Forest Service is the El Yunque, which is in Puerto Rico, and receives over 120 inches of rain per year
  • If you’re 18 years of age, you can partake in the pina colada, the drink which originated in San Juan

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