When it comes to vacations, there’s never a “perfect” time to take one. People lead busy lives. There’s a lot to do, and making time to go visit a new city can seem like an impossible task. 

So, when the opportunity comes up, you owe it to yourself to take it. And sometimes that can mean packing your bags and heading out for a long weekend. After all, it may be short, but a getaway doesn’t need to be long to be effective.

Join us today for a closer look at your next big Vegas long weekend, and how you can make the best of the time you’ve got there!

Long Weekends In Vegas

Las Vegas is one of those cities that is practically knee deep in things to do. Which is great if you’ve got time to wander around, but what do you do when you’ve got a solid three days and no time to spare? And what if that long weekend is on a budget, as well?

We can recommend the following:

Circus Circus

Some things you just have to get to, even when you’re on a strict budget. A trip to Las Vegas really isn’t complete if you can’t visit the magnificent Circus Circus. Decked out in the slots, lights, cheap drinks and weird people that make Vegas the idiosyncratic wonder it is, Circus Circus is always worth the visit.

A word of warning: this is a right of passage, but it is not fancy. Pay Circus Circus a visit to soak in the weird and the wonderful, but stay offsite if you want something more plush and secure to come home to.



More often than not, people on vacation to Vegas are intimidated by the idea of attending shows. They think it’s going to cost too much to go or that they’re there offseason and nothing’s going to be any good.

The truth is, you can find something amazing to watch pretty much any time of the year, and this can be a great way to spend an early evening. Cirque du Soleil’s shows at the Bellagio are more cost-effective than you might imagine, and they are always spectacular. 

Check out some of the great magic shows, dinner theater, and comedy performances on-show up and down the strip, as well. You may have to go in the afternoon, as some of these are daytime-only events. Penn & Teller are, after all these years, still performing amazing magic shows regularly in Vegas, so there is literally always something good on.

Free Attractions

Lastly, free shows around town are available in the form of the famous Fountains at The Bellagio. From people watching on the strip to the free tours at Ethel M Chocolate Factory, you don’t have to spend money to have fun on your Vegas long weekend.

Your Vegas Long Weekend: Let’s Have Some Fun

Las Vegas is known as “the brightest spot on Earth” for a reason. With so much to do and so many ongoing attractions at any given time, this is a city that truly has it all.

But don’t let that throw off your Vegas long weekend plans. With a little help and some planning, you can have the time of your life in the space between Friday evening and Monday morning.

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