Las Vegas. Known as the “City of Lights”, to some, or “Disney for Adults,” to others. No matter what you call it, Vegas is the most famous vacation destination in the world, hands down. And with good reason. With so much nightlife on the strip or nearby to choose from, there is literally never an excuse to feel bored.

If nothing else, there’s always going to be too much to choose from. And that’s the beauty of it – Vegas frees you up to do what you want when you want, and as often as you’d like.

What to do after catching a show? How about catch another show? Or eat your weight in ice cream? Drink a martini next to a slot machine or watch Carrot Top or play a round of KISS mini golf?

If that sounds like the perfect birthday weekend to you, you’re not alone. Join us, today, as we bring you our list of the top three things to do in “The Entertainment Capital of the World” and then visit Rooms 101 for Vegas timeshare to get your birthday rolling.

Grand Canyon & The Hoover Dam

Aside from its electrifying nightlife, Vegas just happens to be situated right in the middle of one of the most majestic areas of the United States. A short trip on one of the city’s numerous amazing helicopter tours will show off its local fauna, flora, and, yes, the awe-inspiring New York-New York skyline.

For those looking to keep their feet on the ground, Grand Canyon bus tours will put you right on the edge of the world-famous gorge. Group trips out to the Hoover Dam will show off the impressive size of this hydroelectric generator. With these and other local trips at your disposal, the lights aren’t the only thing you’ll enjoy on your birthday.

Any One Of A Dozen Shows

Let’s not mince words: all the best acts in the world play Vegas eventually.

Start with local shows. Comedians. Magicians. Hypnotists, dance groups, impressionists and variety shows. There’s something new to watch every night, and dozens of great opportunities to get good prices on tickets. If you’re feeling less family-friendly, there are strip shows, pole dancing classes, and burlesque.

Looking for something a little more mind blowing? Check out one of the in-residence acts – pop singers and acts who get so big they play repeat shows for up to nine months at a time. From Madonna to Britney and everything in between, the year-round shows will leave you with your jaw on the floor.


This might sound obvious, but try not to be such a hipster that you spend an entire weekend in Vegas without actually gambling anything.

Head down to the lobby of your hotel (and make sure you book a hotel with a gaming area) and throw a few coins into the slots. It’s part of the experience, and there are a lot of really fun machines to play. Even if you spend an evening wandering the aisles looking for your favorite movies, locations, celebrities, and songs, you’re bound to find plenty of fun ways to gamble.

And if you win a little extra scratch or a few complimentary dinners, that’s just gravy on the whole thing.

Vegas Timeshare: A Ticket To The Time Of Your Life

There is nothing you could want to do on your birthday that couldn’t be found in Vegas six times over. With entertainment of every sort, gorgeous scenery, and a neverending supply of things to do, Las Vegas truly is “The Entertainment Capital of the World”.

And with Vegas timeshare from Rooms 101, you could be sitting in front of the winning baccarat table, listening to Cher while drinking a mojito before you know it. Visit us today, and book the best birthday ever, today!

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