Right now, the weather is absolutely perfect. You could say it’s just like Goldilocks’ porridge: not too hot and not too cold. It’s just the right time for that fall retreat to travel and experience everything this season has to offer. And there’s no place better for this than in the Poconos.

Your Fall Retreat in The Poconos

The Pocono Mountains, referred to as ‘The Poconos’, are located in the northeastern part of Pennsylvania. Among the Alleghany Platea, this area makes up a total of  2,400 square miles. The Poconos overlook Delaware River on its east side, mountains and Lake Wallenpaupack on the north, Wyoming Valley on the west and Lehigh Valley to the south. 

The Poconos was originally derived from the Munsee word, Pokawachne, meaning “creek between two hills”. The wooded regions and waterways make the Poconos a fabulous place for year-round vacationing. 

While it lies within the limits of the Greater New York-Newark NY-NJ-CT-PA combined statistical area, this gives millions of people access to the Poconos. With typically less than a two-hour drive, New Yorkers can be fishing, hunting, water skiing and enjoying many sporting fall retreat activities they otherwise couldn’t in the concrete jungle.

There are an estimated 150 lakes that make up the Poconos, including the largest, Lake Wallenpaupack. It’s also the third largest lake in Pennsylvania, measuring 52 miles of shoreline and 13 miles in length. A man-made lake, it was dug in 1927 for hydroelectric power, and is now a symbol for year-round leisure activities.

The recent population boom is credited to many vacationers now making it their permanent mainstay. The region boasts a population of 340,300 as most new residents are relocating from New York, New Jersey area.

Make The Poconos Your Next Vacation Destination

The Poconos seems to have everything to fit even the pickiest of travelers. So, when you are thinking of a new place for your fall retreat, look into the Poconos. And remember to contact Rooms101 for our latest deals on vacation packages. You’ll be glad you did.

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